We have been accumulating our achievements with safe and reliable transport of special chemical substances such as fluorine compouneds.Every driver has been well trained and has lisence to handle special cargoes.Today, with the policy of safety, we propose efficient distribution system.
To satisfy various needs of clients, Blue Express provide various kinds of service for domestic and international transport.We offer worldwide distribution system such as procedure of customs clearance, collection of cargo, storage, inventory management, packaging and delivery.
Customs Clearance
In order to make your logistic procedures more effective, it is imperative for us to rationalize the management and processing systems.We do not believe that a warehouse to be simply a place to store goods, but it is one important step in the logistic process.Our warehouse facilities are equipped with the modern and latest system of fully automate racks for timely handling of cargo for your convenience.Introducing modern fleet, we continue taking advantage of our flexible system to react quickly to our clients demand.
Containers Sales, Cleaning/Maintenance, Lease Services we are very pleased to provide most suitable solution related to its package and its way of its transportation of your products and its raw materials according to your situation/requirements. In order to comply with such various requirements in the fine-chemical, petrochemical and food-beverage industries, we import/sell of ISO tank containers. And, we also make its leasing and its cleaning, maintenance under our own tank cleaning facilities.
Containers Sales
Blue Express, Inc was estalished in 1989 as the logistic arm of Stella Chemifa Corporation who has been a market leader in the fluorine compunds field. Since then, we have been striving to achieve “Safety Transport”through our brisk corporate efforts.In and out the globe, the world of BLUE EXPRESS, INC. is a dynamic one. Our reputation for relaible, efficient, and comprehensive service to clients around the clock has made Blue Express one of the fastest growing companies in the forwarding industy today.In the area of human resources, we are upgrading the capabilities and performances of our office staffs and qualified drivers through intensive training in variety of fields.Blue Express, Inc. will continue to explore a new horizon and create comprehensive and better logistic procedures in the shipping industry to the world.


2024年05月20日 News Yokohama office relocated from 5th floor to 7th floor of Yamashitacho SSK Building
2024年01月01日 News Our homepage has been renewed.
2023年10月16日 News New head office building completed and relocated to Ohama Office
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